So what exactly is online reference checking?

September 1, 2020
Reference Check

So what exactly is online reference checking?

Online reference checking is software that automates the online reference checking process. The important last step in the employment journey, from employer to candidate and onto the referee is all done for you automatically, by Checkmate. You simply choose the type of questionnaire you’d like or even design your own, and Checkmate does the rest.

Why is online reference checking useful?

HR professionals in today’s busy world have diverse and busy workloads yet some of the work lends itself to automation freeing up time for more important tasks. Our goal at Checkmate is to reduce the burden of online reference checking and save you time by streamlining the process. By collecting, analysing and reporting important referee information Checkmate can help hiring managers to make better hiring decisions. Importantly it allows referees to complete the questionnaire in their own time thereby allowing for more considered responses.

The Checkmate online reference checking system:

1. Verifies the identity of the referee and actively reduces fraud through a unique algorithm
2. Allows you to design your own questionnaire
3. Follows up, prompting both the candidate and the referee if they’ve not responded
4. Enables referees to complete the check-in their own time with a time-saving mix of multi-choice and written responses.
5. Enables easy checking across different time-zones
6. Lets you know when the check is complete
7. Analyses referee responses and create a report that’s easy to read and share
8. Keeps an electronic record for personnel files.

What is online reference checking replacing?

Checkmate can be used instead of traditional telephone checking, such as when the sheer volume of hiring activity makes reference checking daunting or even impossible. Alternatively, it can be used as a complementary tool such as early in the process and before the final telephone checking of a single preferred candidate.

The easiest way to learn more about Checkmate is to try it out. You can do that free right now, right here.