Dynamic Reference Checking Questionnaires

April 27, 2022

Maximise automated reference checking with dynamic questionnaires

Checkmate's unique dynamic reference checking questionnaire tool allows you to balance thorough reference checking with an easy and positive referee experience. We make sure you ask the right questions, at the right time.

What are dynamic reference checking questionnaires?

These give you the ability to build follow up questions based on earlier answers within your Candidate Reference Checking Templates, so that you can follow up on critical answers and bypass unnecessary questions. You'll benefit from:

  • Being able to offer a swift, easy and concise experience for referees
  • The ability to gather comprehensive information for hiring managers
  • Automate the reference checking process while retaining the natural flow of a conversation you may typically have over the phone
  • The ability to probe questions and gather more information when needed
  • The ability to customise your own dynamic reference checking questionnaires, unique to your organisation's culture and needs

Dynamic reference checking questioning is available for all Checkmate clients and is included in our standard packages.


Dynamic Reference Checking Graphic
Dynamic Reference Checking Question Flow

Collect more detail, with fewer questions

Dynamic reference checking questionnaires are taking automated reference checking even further. Checkmate removes bias and offers you data-driven analysis references to enable faster and more consistent decision making.

Reference Checking Consolidated Reporting - analysis made easier

Checkmate's consolidated reporting tool means recruiters and hiring managers can swiftly and easily analyse patterns in the feedback and results generated by the dynamic questionnaires. 

By pulling together all reference feedback and layering it on one simple report, you can highlight consistencies and flags from multiple sources (referees).

Checkmate automatically consolidates multiple reference checking reports into one.

2nd Dynamic Reference Checking Graphic
Consolidated Reporting Flow

Dynamic Reference Checking Graphic

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